It can get hot out there. And it does. Especially if like me, you live somewhere like Perth, Western Australia where the temperatures in summer are often in the 30’s with high’s in the 40’s. Your dog will feel the heat too so here are some tips to keep your dog cool and beat the summer heat!

  1. Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening. These times will be much cooler and will make the walk more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your dog. Don’t forget the check the pavement to make sure it is cool enough for your dog to walk on. To do this simply hold the back of your hand on the concrete for 5 seconds. If you can’t do this it is too hot for your dog to walk on.
  2. Take your dog for a swim! Most dogs love to swim and this can be a fun way to cool off. Plus swimming is great exercise for your dog too. 
  3. Let your dog enjoy the air conditioning. During the heat of the day your dog will appreciate being able to lie underneath the air conditioning vent or at least in a room cooled by the air conditioning for a cool nap.
  4. Provide a cool place to lie on. Dogs cool down best from their tummy up so providing them a cool place to lie will help keep their whole body cool. Try wetting down a shady spot or their favourite nap place, wet a towel for them to lie on and you can even get cooling pet pads at most pet stores.
  5. Provide a mini pool to cool off in. We use the blue clam shell’s for kid’s and put it in a shady spot under our patio and fill it with water. The dogs either stand or lie in it to cool off.
  6. How about a sandpit for digging? Dog’s love to dig and when they take off the top layer of sand they find the cooler sand below. You can even wet the sand to make it even cooler. By providing a sandpit you are also reducing the likelyhood of them digging up your backyard to cool off. Bonus!
  7. Don’t forget lots of water! Not only do you want to provide an increased volume of water available to your dog but provide it in different bowls so if one gets knocked over there are still others available. Put the water containers in shady spots if possible to help keep them cool for longer or even put ice-cubes in there which will melt away during the day.
  8. Give your dog a good brush. By regularly brushing your dog you can help remove the thicker winter coat which will allow the summer weight coat to breathe and do it’s job to assist in regulating your dogs temperature. 
  9. Icy treat anyone? Just like we enjoy a cold icy treat during summer so does your dog. Try filling up small containers or even ice cube trays with a few dog biscuits and bits of fruit or vegetables, top with water and freeze! 
  10. Frozen dog toy bucket. This is definitely a favourite with many dogs. Using a bucket or container suitable to the size of your dog, fill it with water, dog toys and a few treats or biscuits thrown in. Once it fully frozen take it out of the container and your dog will spend many happy hours licking at the melting ice working the toys out.

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