All dogs need a little help to chill out every now and then.

Mine sure have. And so have many of my clients’ dogs both during class or during private training sessions.

I’m sure you have all experienced a time or two yourselves when your dog got a little to excited, energetic, anxious or playful and maybe lost its head there for a minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a quick and easy way to calm the dog back down? To get them to focus and listen to reason? To help bring their energy back under control?

Well, I have a very simple activity that I use for these types of situations. This activity doesn’t have a fancy name or anything. Sorry. It’s pretty basic too but it works. Every. Time.

Focused calm

Told you this activity doesn’t have a fancy name! If you think of one, feel free to message me. I promise full bragging rights to whoever sends through the best suggestion!

Anyway, on to the activity.

  1. Get your dog’s attention – usually with a food treat or their favourite toy.
  2. Lure them into a sit and have them look at you – still use the toy or treats!
  3. Start counting OUT LOUD until you reach 10!
  4. Give your dog the treat or a short play with the toy once you reach 10.
  5. Repeat as needed!

Now, you may not be able to reach 10 the first few times you do this so build up to it. Repeat the activity a few times in a row so your dog gets the hang of it and how to earn the treat or toy. And yes, you really do need to count out loud. Hearing your voice and seeing you talking to them will help to calm your dog and have them focus on you.

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