Destructive chewing and digging guide

The ultimate guide to managing and preventing unwanted destructive behaviour at home.

Two of the most common domestic issues that frustrate dog owners are destructive chewing and digging. The destruction left by the dogs can be damaging to property and furniture sometimes completely destroying the item or damaging it beyond repair. Not only can this be expensive and time consuming to fix but potentially very dangerous for your dog too.

There are many different reasons why your dog is destructive chewing or digging and understanding what is motivating your dog can help you to select the appropriate prevention and management strategies to stop this unwanted behaviour.

The destructive chewing and digging guide covers:

  • Reasons why dogs destructive chew and/or dig
  • Tried and tested management strategies to reduce destruction
  • A multitude of prevention activities to suit your individual situation
  • What to avoid so you don’t make the situation worse!

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