In a previous post, I promised to show you how to make a DIY snuffle mat for your dog. So here it is!

I had fun making this toy but it took a lot of time and I didn’t come away from the experience unscathed! I managed to bruise my finger on my scissors from cutting all that fabric and I should have found a comfier place to sit while making it. My back isn’t as young as it used to be . . .

Despite the physical complaints and maybe even because of them, I felt great satisfaction in completing this project. I love the way it turned out and it was worth the effort to see my dogs using it.

What you need:

1x rubber mat
Fabric cut into strips

I’m making a large snuffle mat and have used a 40x60cm rubber mat from Bunnings.

For fabric, I chose three different coloured fleece and cut them into slightly different sizes. For this size mat, I used approx. 1.3 metres of the blue fabric and less than 1 metre each of the pink and light blue patterned fabric.

I cut the fabric into three different lengths to add depth and texture. The blue fabric was cut into pieces approx 400mm, pink fabric 300mm and the light blue patterned fabric 250mm. Each piece was roughly 1 inch wide. Don’t worry about being too precise with the width or length of the fabric as variation will only make the toy more interesting. This is quite a forgiving project if you struggle to cut straight lines like I do!

Next time I make one, I would use four colours instead so it wasn’t so much of the blue and I would cut the larger fabric colours to only 350mm lengths.

How to:

Thankfully, a snuffle mat is easy to make, if not a bit time-consuming.

Flip the mat over so the flat side is facing up. Starting at one corner, feed a piece of fabric through two of the gaps in the mat next to each other so you can tie the two ends of the fabric together in a double knot when you flip the mat over.

I found it easier to feed the fabric through a full horizontal line at a time, then flip the mat over to tie all those pieces at once.

You can make whatever pattern you wish with the fabric you have. In this case, I alternated between the patterned and pink fabrics along the horizontal lines and then used dark blue to connect the lines on a diagonal.

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