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Dog Training Perth

We take the mystery out of dog training by helping you to incorporate simple, rewards-based training techniques into everyday activities to promote polite manners around the home and stress free dog walks!

As a fully qualified dog trainer and dog behaviour professional, I am passionate about empowering dog owners to manage and train their dogs. I aim to make training your dog fun and easy using training games and obedience activities to engage with your dog and build a strong bond of trust and respect.

Receive quality and professional dog training advice and solutions through our e-guides, free videos or one-on-one private dog and puppy training sessions in Perth.

Dog Training Reviews

Wendy is a awesome dog trainer ,would fully recommend

Ray Fowles

Wendy is the Dog whisper…

Rocky McCorry

Wendy was thorough and knew what the intended goal was. Very happy with her service.

Emily Small

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