I go through a lot of dog training treats. Like, a lot. Through my private and group dog training sessions and classes as well as training my own dogs.

I have tried many different products over the years and often use human-grade food like chicken and sausages. These are great and still what I would recommend for some dogs especially when out of the home. But overall, I find them to be quite messy, expensive and a bit of a hassle since they require refrigeration and have a short expiry date.

My preference for dog treats is for them to be soft so that the dogs can consume them easily and quickly, otherwise, you lose momentum with the training if the dog has to stop to chew!  Easy to store and portable and something dogs will like to eat.

I started looking for products and came across the Ziwi Peak range of dried treats in smaller bags. I decided to give them a try and have been using them ever since.

Ziwi Peak treats

Here is why I like them:

  • Dogs love them!
  • They have a strong scent that appeals to dogs and helps get their attention.
  • They are dried treats that don’t mess up my hands too much.
  • Even though they are dried treats they are not hard and are easily consumed by the dog.
  • They are made with good quality ingredients.
  • The bag can be sealed for freshness.
  • They don’t require refrigeration so easy for me when on the go.

To be fully transparent with you all, I do not get ANYTHING for recommending these products to you. I have always purchased them with my own money and do not have any deals with the company. I only recommend products to you that I use myself and believe are good quality and potentially useful to you.

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