There is something so joyful about watching a group of dogs running and playing together and it never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s wonderful to see dogs running free, having fun and enjoying being a dog.

Socialisation with other dogs is so important that we even begin socialisation activities with young puppies to teach them how to interact appropriately with each other. When done correctly, this socialisation should continue throughout their lives, ensuring our dogs can have fun playing and interacting with other dogs.

That’s probably why for many of us, going to a dog beach, enclosed dog park or off lead dog exercise area is something we want to do for our dogs.

But what if your dog doesn’t interact well with other dogs?

What if your dog gets overly excited and they are just too overwhelming for other dogs?

What if your dog looks freaked out or wants to run away or leave?

Many dog owners face these exact situations and it can be difficult to know what to do. In some instances, training and behaviour modification can be implemented to help a dog overcome these issues so they can happily be around other dogs.

But sometimes, a dog is just not interested. They don’t want to play with or be around other dogs and honestly, that’s ok too.

Or they are just too stressed by the situation and it isn’t fun for them or they have had a bad experience and don’t trust being close to other dogs.

If being around other dogs causes your dog stress, anxiety or even disinterest then no, I don’t believe your dog is missing out. In fact, if we were to push the issue, we may very well be unfair to the dog.

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