In a previous post, I outlined the many wonderful benefits for ditching the dog food bowl and feeding your dog using food games and toys. Feeding your dog without a bowl can help slow down a dog who eats to fast, can provide much needed physical and mental stimulation while keeping boredom at bay. 

Today, I going to show you how to use the Kong classic or the Kong Extreme to replace your dog’s food bowl. Whether you feed your dog dry biscuits, a commercial raw food mix or make one of your own, the Kong classic can be used for each. 


Dog biscuits (dry food)
If you feed your dog biscuits, you might not immediately think of the Kong Classic as a good option for these, given they are likely to fall out pretty quickly and with little effort. And you would be correct they definitely do. BUT, if you add water and freeze it to create a popsicle type scenario, this ups the difficulty factor AND stops the biscuits from falling out.
Here’s how:

  • Stop up the small hole at the base with your finger;
  • Add enough water to cover the biscuits inside;
  • Hold for a few seconds to allow the biscuits to soak up some of the water and swell;
  • Unstop the base and allow the water to flow out.

Raw food mix
Like many of you, we are a pretty busy household and I don’t often have time (i.e. almost never) to make up my own homemade raw food mix for our dogs. Instead I use a premade one that we purchase from the pet store. These come frozen so I defrost them first, stuff into the Kong, then refreeze. Voila, I frozen meat popsicle. Our dogs LOVE these and we try to do this 4-5 times per week. We use Big Dog Products BARF mix for those who are interested.

Leftovers (homemade mix)
The great thing about dogs is that there are plenty of human foods that they enjoy too. In this case, I used some cooked pumpkin and a leftover (slightly wilted) kale branch and some cooked chicken to make this mix. There are many different variations of this mix that you can make up, as long as you use food items that are safe for your dog and that you make sure you are meeting your dog’s nutritional needs. Do your research to make sure you have everything covered. I would only use a meal like this once or twice a week maximum since it is not covering all they need in one meal but would be great as part of a meal plan.

Filling a Kong with your dog’s normal meal is a quick and easy way to replace their dog food bowl and provide them with something fun to do. I sincerely hope you give this a try, your dog will definitely thank you.

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