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Outdoor puppy class

6x 45-minute sessions

Held at Torbay Reserve, Warnbro

Maximum of 6 puppies per class

Suitable for puppies ages 16 weeks to 8 months (once fully vaccinated)

Our puppy training class is for fully vaccinated puppies from 16 weeks to 8 months of age at the commencement of the training course.

This interactive class will help you to manage your puppy’s behaviour, teach lifelong obedience skills and how to socialise with other dogs. We use training games to keep your puppy engaged and interested in learning.

What we cover:

  • Foundation home skills (e.g. leave it, mine/yours)
  • Obedience training skills (sit, drop, look)
  • Begin lead training and recall;
  • On lead, puppy meet & greets;
  • Socialisation and puppy play;
  • Engaging with your puppy & dealing with distractions;
  • Dealing with unwanted puppy behaviours;
  • Games and obstacles.

This class aims to give you a strong foundation of leadership and obedience skills that you can use in all facets of your puppy’s life. We work with you to make sure you have the right training equipment for your puppy to ensure safety and easy and effective communication.

Each week you will learn a new game or skill and build on prior learning. We practise specific activities focused on dog to dog interaction to promote calm and relaxed behaviour and appropriate greetings. You will learn how to get and hold your puppy’s attention around distractions and strategies to manage everyday scenarios.

Course schedule:

Puppy Class A: Commences at 9.30 am on SATURDAY 3 February 2024 – 16 March (no class held on Saturday 2 March due to the long weekend) – Registration CLOSED.

Puppy Class B: Commences at 9.15 am on SUNDAY 7 April 2024 – 12 May  – Registration closed

Puppy Class C: Commences at 9.15 am on SUNDAY 9 June 2024 – 14 July  – Registration open

Email wendy@leaderofthepack.com.au to join the waitlist for the next available class.

Dog Training Reviews

Wendy is a awesome dog trainer ,would fully recommend

Ray Fowles

Wendy is the Dog whisper…

Rocky McCorry

Wendy was thorough and knew what the intended goal was. Very happy with her service.

Emily Small

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