One of the reasons why I love the Kong Classic is because of all the different fillings you can use with it to keep it fun and exciting for your dog. Honestly, the options are nearly endless. But, how do you keep the contents from spilling out too easily? 
Well with an agent, Binding Agent, of course! 

Best binding agents
Binding agents are used to help other items like treats or dry dog food stick to the inside of the Kong to keep them from just falling out and to provide your dog with a challenge. And they can be used on their own too, especially if you are short on time.

When using a binding agent in the Kong, smear it inside the top section only so your dog is able to reach. If it goes too far down, they won’t be able to get it all out. Having a bit of the binding agent on the outside of the Kong will help to entice your dog to investigate the Kong which is a great option if your dog is new to this type of toy. Here are my favourite two to use.

Peanut Butter (PB)
I mean, who doesn’t like a good PB? I love the stuff and so do my dogs. Try getting a smooth version that is made with peanuts only if you can to avoid and excess salt or sugar.

Plain, Greek yoghurt is the way to go. Not only is this yoghurt packed full of vitamins and probiotics but it’s low in sugar too.

1. PB and treats
Add a teaspoon or two of PB to coat the inside of the Kong. Add a handful of treats or dry biscuits, then swirl around so that the treats stick to the PB.

2. PB and banana
After adding the PB to the inside of the Kong, add chopped pieces of banana until full.

3. Yoghurt and fruit
My favourite fruit to use is either apple or blueberries and for this recipe, I’m going to use both. Add the yoghurt around the inside of the Kong then add the chopped pieces of fruit. You can adjust the difficulty level by adding more or less fruit.

4. Yogurt and leftovers
My dogs LOVE broccoli and zucchini and these are great options to use in a Kong. The great thing about vegetables is you can use them cooked or raw. Add whatever suitable leftovers you have on hand to the Kong after spreading the yoghurt around inside to help bind the ingredients.

Quick note: not all human food is suitable for dogs, so chose wisely. These recipe suggestions are for treats only and should be part of their daily food intake not in excess of or instead of an appropriate meal.

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