Stop your dog jumping up guide

Teach your dog how to politely greet you, your family and visitors instead of jumping up for attention.

It is normal for a dog to get excited when their family members arrive home or when visitors come to the house. However, just because they are excited or want attention, doesn’t mean they are allowed to jump up on people. We need to teach the dog that attention is only given when calm, polite behaviour is offered.

Learn how to teach your dog to greet people without the need to jump on them, how to create a calm arriving home routine so you and your family can enter your home without your dog jumping all over you and strategies for greeting visitors.

Stop your dog jumping up guide covers:

  • Reasons why dogs jump up on people
  • The do’s and don’t for managing jumping up behaviour
  • Step by step instructions for teaching your dog appropriate greeting protocols
  • Management strategies to set your dog up for success!
  • Training activities to calm your dog and greet people politely

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Wendy was thorough and knew what the intended goal was. Very happy with her service.

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