If you have watched any of my dog food toy videos or follow me on Facebook, you may already know what my favourite commercial dog food toy is. 
But if you haven’t, and this is the first you are hearing of this, then let me tell you why the Kong Classic is my favourite and why I think it’s the best commercial toy to add to your collection.

The Kong Classic is made from durable natural rubber that’s non-toxic, it’s firm but flexible and has enough give that your dog can manipulate it to get to the contents inside.  
There is also the black Kong Extreme made from even stronger natural rubber designed for power chewers. These toys are strong but not indestructible, so if your dog is a serious chewer, I suggest you supervise your dog so you can discourage them from chewing, remove the Kong once the contents has been finished and add filling that encourages your dog to lick the Kong rather than to chew it.

The Kong series ranges in size from XS to XXL so you will be able to find a size that suits your dog. The Kong website has a handy size guide to help you and I also recommend making sure that your dog is not able to fully enclose the Kong in their mouth. 

There are so many different foods and treats you can use to fill the Kong. Just make sure that whatever you put in the Kong is suitable for your dog. You can also adjust the level of filling within the Kong to make it easier or harder for your dog to eat the contents. If this is your dogs first time with a Kong then start easy with only a small amount of filling then build up. You can also freeze the Kong to make a puppy popsicle to make it even more difficult for your dog to get the contents out.

Clean up
It’s pretty easy to clean up the Kong, just wash in warm soapy water or put in the top rack of your dishwasher. Check your Kong regularly for damage and replace as needed.

Uses for the Kong
Stuffed Kongs are a great way to keep your dog entertained and distracted and provides them a fun way to get their food. Plus it slows down speedy eaters especially if the contents has been frozen.
In our home we use the Kong to distract our dogs when visitors arrive and as a fun way for them to eat their dinner. #ditchthebowl
Since the Kong is so bouncy you can use it in games with your dog like fetch and it doesn’t even have to have food inside.

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